Lenovo Laptop Service

Laptop or Notebook not operating like it should? Laptop Mechanics has over ten years’ expertise operating with laptops and Notebooks on everything from software package to Hardware problems on ALL brands. If you portable computer isn't operating like it ought to or is physically broken we are able to facilitate. Our portable computer repairs service is one in all the most effective in Chennai and our turnaround times are the quickest.

Where to get a laptop repaired in Chennai?

Here at Computer Mechanics, we have all the necessary know how needed to get your device back into top condition. Whatever has happened to it, we’ll get right to work to get the problem solved, fast. You can rest assured that your laptop is in safe hands with us, so if you’re looking for reliable, affordable laptop repairs, give us a call to 9941333345 today.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair

Many people believe a cracked laptop screen is the end of their laptop. Most manufacturers also don’t cover accidental damage to the display. However, laptop screens can be fixed relatively cheap and fast by Computer Mechanics in chennai.

What We Offer?

  • Same Day Service
  • Qualified computer experts ready to get you back up and running
  • Instant assessment in store
  • Great customer service and after sales support
Lenovo Desktop Repair

Desktop computers still make up a large portion of computers used in the home and in businesses all around the world. Most people don’t know but desktop computers are very different from laptops in regards to the parts that they use. They are very interchangeable and help a lot when the computer starts to play up.

What We Offer?
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Virus Removal
  • Reloading to Factory Settings
  • Data Recovery Computer Dust Out
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Storage Space Upgrades
Lenovo Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade

Computer telling you your hard drive is not working or having trouble accessing the files stored on it? This isn’t as common as with laptop computers but is just as devastating. If you have all your photos, videos and documents stored on your computer this can be a horrible thing to experience. Computer Mechanics has done data recovery on hard drivessince we began in 1997 and is your best choice for any kind of desktop repair.

If your computer is starting to get full and you have nothing you can or want to remove from it, give us a call. We can move everything to a new larger one at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole thing. Not to mention moving all your files and re-installing all your programs.

Lenovo Virus Removal

A desktop’s Operating System (Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) is almost no different if you own a Desktop PC, a Laptop or a Windows Tablet. They will always be susceptible to virus infections. A desktop repair like this is always going to be cheaper than resetting the computer to factory settings or even buying a new one and you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-installing everything. You also need to be careful with the data you back up as it may be infected and you just end up back where you started.

Lenovo Data Recovery

Lost data is a common problem and lost photos can be a complete disaster. Our aim is to recover accidentally deleted or damaged images, files and data, whether it be on a memory card, USB stick or hard disk drive.

What We Offer?

People assume that because they cannot access their computer/laptop or the hard drive won’t show up means that their data is lost for good. It really isn’t. Computer Mechanics has over 10 years experience in data recovery and can help you recover your lost photos, movies, documents or anything else you may have.

Sometimes the problem is that the index has become corrupted. A file index can be re-built and the photo or files recovered. In extreme situations we can remove a hard drive from its shell and send it to a clean room’ for detailed work. That option is expensive but in the rare instances where we have been unable to get a result in the workshop, it has yielded positive results.